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Restaurants can benefit from broadcasting Women’s Copa America

For no one it’s a secret that women's football needs more support. If small businesses, such as restaurants, saw...
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New York City Football Club wins its first MLS Cup ⚽️ On December 11, 2021 New York City Football Club faced the Portland Timbers in Oregon in the final...

Colombia vs Uruguay – Match Preview with Julián Capera Follow me on Instagram and Facebook Sigueme en Instagram y Facebook

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New York Mets vs New York Yankees

I take you to my experience attending my first subway series game game. They played on September 11, 2021, which marks the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. I had so much fun singing, screaming and eating the popular " Home Run Apple Ice Cream". Also, I give you a mini tour of the Citi Field baseball park.

The 3 most popular fouls in American Football Disclaimer: The images from Manizales, Colombia were provided by...

How teams get to the Super Bowl In this video I explain how long the NFL...